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Updation Proclamation

Well, an update to the progress of my life.  I left my position at UHCMA.  It was a throughly depressing job and I am so glad that I don't work there anymore.  I miss tons of the people that I got to know while working there, but unfortunately the people alone weren't enough to keep my at a job where I felt like a monster.  I have a new position working for a home/life insurance company as an admin.  It's closer to what my degree is in, and I love it.  The only downside is that there is this one woman there that treats me as though I'm incompetent.  She is forever hovering over my shoulder to make sure that I am doing my job to her standards, then muttering that she never gets anything done.  Well, I'm never going to learn if you continually do my job for me.  Yeesh.

The wedding planning in continuing.  I have bought my dress, shoes, veil, and tiara.  Very exciting stuff...pictures will be posted below.  So far we have: dress stuff, reception site, photographer, and cake all figured out and deposited or bought.  I know that there is still a lot to do.  And I'm so overwhelmed with it.  I've decided to make the invitations myself.  I found this super cute wedding stationery at Target.  I'm still researching flowers and favors and such.  Any ideas?  lol. 

Also, Mike and I are going out today to rent a storage unit and to being to look for furniture. I have been researching all over the internet to find good furniture at a decent price. The three places I have come up with so far are: Big Lots, Wal-mart, and Target.  Any other suggestions or experience with any of these places?

Well, thats all for this Saturday morning.  I'm gonna go crawl back into bed with my fiance.  :-)


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Jan. 5th, 2008 06:27 pm (UTC)
That's good that you left your job, and have a new one.. except that one lady. I'm still debating to leave mine, as much as I hate it. But it would be nice to have another job lined up too.

Thats so exciting that you have your dress and shoes!! The pictures didn't show up though :( We bought some stationary at Jo-Ann Fabrics and ended up making our own as well :)

The front of the stationary matched the flowers for each Bridesmaid and Maid-of-Honor, so I thought it was perfect. Than we typed the rest of into the computer and printed out each one :) I don't have a picture of the inside on the web (have to find one on my photo disks) but here's how ours turned out. And we cut holes into them and put 2 ribbons of pink and off white for our wedding colors :)

Are you having a regular wedding or an actual Military Wedding? I can't believe the wedding is in 7 months!! Girl, that will fly by!! :)

Jan. 6th, 2008 03:10 am (UTC)
We're having a regular wedding. Michael won't actually be stationed here by the time we get married. He's going to wear his uniform and we got some accessories that are Army related but thats about it.

When its said in months it seems like forever. But I'm so unprepared for planning a wedding. I don't even know. lol. I never know if I'm rushing things or behind. Its driving me nuts. I'll never do it again. That much I already know. lol.

The pics should work now. I apparently had them on private.
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